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About Lake Baikal

Everything about lake Baikal is without parallel . And this makes one want to be careful not to violate its sensitive world.

Lake Baikal is constantly changing – it is always new and always different. Everything you can see on the lake, in the lake, around the lake will provoke your rapture.

There is a beautiful place on the lake where Angara (according to the legend) escapes from her father – Baikal and runs to her lover – Enisey. There is an glorious and wonderful place that called Listvyanka. Listvyanka was established in 1701-1725. This village was settled very promptly by the fishermans,hunters, tradespeople, cossacks. Trade way crossed this village because it  was the shortest way t the East. The population of Listvyanka was increased because of the development of stream navigation.

All scientists began their researchments from this  place.

Now Listvyanka is the place where tourists go to see the beauty of the lake. The shortest and speedest way to reach this village from Irkutsk is by the Baikal highway along the shore of the Angara river. Alng the highway there are: tourists centers, camps, villages, Shaman Rock, mountain ridge Hamar-Daban.... This road takes about 1 hour. You can stop somewhere and enjoy this beauty.

There are many interesting things in Listvyanka. You should try to visit as more  as possible  places.  We can help you to turn it into reality.

The beauty that you you can see here is a very small part of all beauty of Lake Baikal.


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